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Ways to keep your technology out of landfill.



Many computers are tossed into landfill because of minor repairable issues. Extending the life of a computer is a great way to reduce its environmental impact. Vast majority of computers will outlast their expected 3 year lifespan and still perform the tasks necessary. With simple maintenance your computer can most often function as good as new or even better with upgrades/repairs/cleanup. Click here for simple computer maintenance tips.  


Reducing the amount of time your computer is turned on will help extend the useable life. There is still the myth out there to leave your computer on. All this creates is more electricity use, risk of crashing, overheating, and capture of dust (lots of it).


If your computer is simply too slow or not economical to repair, perhaps someone you know could use it as a home machine for the kids or at least use some of the parts. You could find a student, church or charity that would be happy with your pre-loved computer. Eco Computers can securely erase your hard-drive to protect your data and privacy.

Perhaps you could consider buying a used computer instead of new. Many places sell 2nd hand ex-government and ex-business computers that are refurbished, run perfectly and are ready to go. These machines cost much less than a new machine.


Computer and e-waste recycling is a fast growing field. Search the internet for computer recycling in your area. Here are some Brisbane options.